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Fix the error 6A00 printers Canon PIXMA MX850

The error 6A00 Canon PIXMA MX850 printers lies in the purges of the printer, these sponges are the right side, where lie the ink cartridges.

They can arise when something stuck the printhead within the team, any errors that crash the device printing mechanism cause the 6A00 error.
To solve this problem follow the procedure below if you need additional help write a comment.

Procedure to remove the printer error 6A00 in Canon PIXMA MX850

  • Unplug the printer power cable feeder
  • Place the print head right in the center of the printer, we seek this space to check the right side of the printer (where purging or sponges to the ink reservoir is located)
  • Remove any object in the car to look like fluff and dirt with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Look for any side of the printer that has moved or been changed because of the vibration.
  • If possible and you can get some compressed air at any computer store, make a cleaning process using the air and remove any lint that affects the printer.
printer cleaning canon pixma MX850
printer cleaning canon pixma MX850
Cleaning with a little alcohol and napkin should do in the points listed below:
  • Purge printer (cleaning pads), if one of the sponges were left instead.
  • Check that the belt does not have bites that can jam the carriage.
  • Finally grease and do it the right material the carrier had printhead.
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