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How installed Canon printers on the operating system Ubuntu

Canon is one of the manufacturers of the world's largest printers, but does not include its print drivers for Ubuntu or Linux operating systems.

Just the driver for Macintosh and Windows systems, but we should not worry, everything has a solution.
Some Canon printers can function properly, the installation of these is simple and should only follow the procedure as for any other printer.

The problem becomes serious when the printer has a driver available in PPA.

If you have a Canon printer, and problems for installation on Ubuntu, add a driver repository using the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: michael-gruz /canon
sudo apt-get update

For you install any operating system controlled should know that printer model is, then identify your printer in the list below and run the appropriate command.

Run a command in Ubuntu will have to go to Application> Accessories> Terminal. Another direct way is Ctrl + Alt + T and process installation as follows:
Example Installation 2700 Series IP printer.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon
$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install cnijfilter-ip2700series

The following is a large list of printers that you can install:

Canon Pixma iP Series driver Ubuntu:

Canon iP100 Ubuntu Driver -  cnijfilter-ip100series
Canon iP1800 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip1800series
Canon iP1000 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixmaip1000series
Canon iP1500 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixmaip1500series
Canon iP1900 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip1900series
Canon iP 2200 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip2200series
Canon iP2500 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip2500series
Canon iP2600 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip2600series
Canon iP2700 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip2700series
Canon iP3300 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip3300series
Canon iP3500 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip3500series
Canon iP3600 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip3600series
Canon iP4200 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip4200series
Canon iP4500 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip4500series
Canon iP4700 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip4700series
Canon iP4800 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip4800series
Canon iP5200 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip5200series
Canon iP6600 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip6600series
Canon iP7500 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-ip7500series

Canon Pixma MG Series Ubuntu Driver

Canon MG5100 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mg5100series
Canon MG5200 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mg5200series
Canon MG6100 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mg6100series
Canon MG8100 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mg8100series

Canon PIXMA MP Series Ubuntu Driver

Canon MP140 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp140series
Canon MP160 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp160series
Canon MP190 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp190series
Canon MP210 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp210series
Canon MP240 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp240series
Canon MP490 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp490series
Canon MP500 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp500series
Canon MP510 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp510series
Canon MP520 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp520series
Canon MP540 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp540series
Canon MP550 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp550series
Canon MP560 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp560series
Canon MP600 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp600series
Canon MP610 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp610series
Canon MP630 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp630series
Canon MP640 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mp640series

Canon MX Series Ubuntu Driver

Canon MX320 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx320series
Canon MX330 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx330series
Canon MX350 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx350series
Canon MX360 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx360series
Canon MX410 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx410series
Canon MX420 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx420series
Canon MX860 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx860series
Canon MX870 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx870series
Canon MX880 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-mx880series

Canon PIXUS Series Ubuntu Driver

Pixus 550 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixus5510iseries
Pixus 560 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixus560iseries
Pixus 850 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixus850iseries
Pixus 860 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixus860iseries
Pixus 865 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixus865iseries
Pixus 950 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixus950iseries
Pixus 990 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixus990iseries
Canon Pixus ip3100 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixusip3100series
Canon Pixus ip4100 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixusip4100series
Canon Pixus ip8600 Ubuntu Driver - cnijfilter-pixusip8600series

Should you need any updates or additional support for a specific printer, contact


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