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How print only black in Lexmark using the Mac OS X

When printing only black in Lexmark printers, we are able to save some ink, we sacrifice a little more quality and force the black ink cartridge.

It is recommended to consider some points before you configure the printer to print only in Black, Lexmark printers are one of the highest consumables, when it comes to ink cartridges.
To print in grayscale, as it is called the type of print when you want to print in black, on Mac is a very simple process.

If you can make a permanent configuration or a single document, the process is the same, only varies the place where it is made.

For example setting the permanent option should be done in Page Setup. He will stay for few want to print pages for a long time, until a new configuration is done, you can change these settings before printing but always remain the same.

  • The printer should have paper
  • Let's to File
  • Then printers (printers)
  • A popup window will open
  • Select the printer to configure
  • Another emerging options page will be opened Copies & Pages
  • Let's Color Options
  • Color Document (dropdown menu) selected only Black
  • To save the changes click on (print) or save. depending on the system
Lexmark printers only print black mac os
Lexmark printers only print black mac os
If you want to make the same configuration, but to print a document in specific, you make the same settings, just before printing. The same dialog box appears and make the same configuration.


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