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How remove printers in Windows 7

Do not confuse uninstall a printer to remove a printer in Windows 7, this operating system allows us to have a functioning without the need to install printer drivers.

It has an automatic update to all drivers daily question that when connecting a printer, this is recognized and installed without the need for an installation CD or any other file.
When you want to delete a printer, one must come to printing devices and remove it, then the procedure to reach both devices to eliminate any printer running.

Getting to printing devices in Windows 7

Getting to printing devices in Vista and Windows 7 is the same procedure. Widely used systems and Windows 7 that deals a year even after the Windows 8 out the first. Even easier to reach print devices.

  1. Click on Start located in the left bottom desk
  2. The start menu appears on the right devices and printers, we click and a window with the list of available printers appears.
printing devices windows 7
printing devices windows 7
In the selected contour are printers, you must click to select the printer you want and in the top left of the printer delete option is enabled.
remove device in windows 7
remove device in windows 7
After removing the device, you can restart the computer to save the configuration, the printer will no longer appear on the list before printing.

To install the same printer again we recommend connecting the computer on the computer, this will be recognized by upgrading to recognize the universal controllers.


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