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How reset the full pads in Canon PIXMA MP230 error 5B00

The Canon PIXMA MP230 printers has been very well received by consumers, unlike other printers this give us more easily to the installation of a continuous ink system.
printing pads filled, Canon MP230 printers Jenifer Correa
printing pads filled, Canon MP230 printers Jenifer Correa
Printer, copier and scanner, certainly with very good print quality thanks to FINE cartridge type, even better when we put ink cartridges XL version for both refilling and installing the ink system.

A printer reset is necessary when you have considerable amount of printed pages, the error indicates that the printer must be brought to a technician from the manufacturer.

If we take the printer where the technician will need to pay a large sum of money, it's really not too much to cost more than the printer, but is close. There will change sponges absolvedores function ink, where lie located below the cartridges.

They will tell the printer via a software "reset that we use now" can continue printing because pads are already new.

We may also do the same, because it is simple, but not so much to remove the pads and replace them, but not necessary because we need at least three more reset ink appear underneath the printer.

Reset printer has two faces, one is to enter the printer to service mode, and another is run software that will posibible reset. We may by this tool, configure the printer like canon authorized technician, therefore it is recommended only what is required then any process can damage our equipment, and we do not know their reactions in the printer.

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Software for Reset the printer Canon PIXMA MP230

Access the service mode of the Canon PIXMA MP230

  • Turn off the printer (the power button)
  • Press and hold the button stop / reset. circle button with triangle inside
  • Without releasing the button stop / reset, press the power button (ON / OFF) the printer should put green buttons
  • Release the button to stop / reset and we pressed the power button.
  • Without releasing the power button we press the button 5 times stop / reset, each time we press the stop / reset change the color to orange.
  • When completed, the display of the printer any information should not appear, and release the power button.
  • In case of not, turn off the printer and start the process again.
And printer in service mode, and decompressed service tool ready to use, run it with the following procedures to work correctly.

Run the service tool and finish the reset process

When you clicking the program, a window with all the options available for the printer is displayed, if these can be selected, everything worked properly, otherwise you must disconnect any other USB device connected as cameras or even other printers.
reset printer canon MP230
reset printer canon MP230
Equipment must have pages to print after the reset completed, this will be our signal at the end of which we have done our job properly.
click the button SET on Canon Pixma
click the button SET on Canon Pixma
After the reset, you may have to put the printer again as the default, it appears after your name (copy 1).


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