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How reset ink absorber Canon PIXMA MG3210

The Canon PIXMA MG3210 inkjet printer is a high performance team, works perfectly when we put the continuous ink system, thanks to ink cartridges used.

This and any other Canon printer when print at least 15,000 pages receive error ink pads filled, the screen printer error "E08" or the "E07" appears.
Not always but we get a specific message on the computer, saying the ink absolvedores are full.

First of all do not be amiss to explain that absolvedores ink sponges are located at the bottom of which lie the cartridges (on the right side of the printer), such as the printer head cleaning does, while printing, keep the waste ink and lifetime of the equipment.

From time to time we do cleaning these, both physically and in the printer memory, then the procedure for doing so in memory of the printer, from how to enter the service mode of your printer and procedures for resetting the main counter of our device.

Steps to enter the service mode on printers Canon PIXMA MG3210

  • To enter the service mode in this type of printer, turn off the computer only by pressing the on-off located at the top of the printer.
  • While holding down the power button, press the button stop / reset. (hold the power button)
  • Release the stop / reset button, hold the power button
  • The power button must be pressed and pressed further about 6 double button stop / reset.
  • The last of the 6 consecutive times to press both the power button and the stop / reset.
  • The printer screen will be completely blank, the team detected another connected printer (Ignore this message).
  • The next case is to make the configuration tool to run the service.
Guaranteed pay only $ 10.00! or total refund...

When the printer is in service mode, run the file service tool, us all a window appears with the information necessary to do whatever you want with your printer.

Just select the option absolve ink counter lower left, we click and choose main main & platen, then in the lower right, we verify that the counter value, the zero and click on set. view image...
reset printer canon pixma mg3210
reset printer canon pixma mg3210
After the process the printer should work correctly, if you need additional help, type a comment.


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