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How scan printers Canon PIXMA MG5220

Multifunctional printers give us the facility to scan documents, print and copy.

Something have the Canon PIXMA MG5220 printers is that they allow us to scan a document in different ways.
Whenever we have either a printer or scanner connected to the computer and installed correctly you can scan documents in different ways.

The most used It is by the software with the printer, in this case the Canon PIXMA MG5220 has the software to scan the MP Navigator EX, a program that is installed with the printer drivers that come when we buy machine.

The first thing to check before you start scanning is that the printer is on and working properly, if so follow the steps below.

  • Select scan on the home page. (located at the bottom left of the computer)
  • A screen with the configuration we can do that will scan the document appears.
  • If we select autoscan, the document is saved in the specified place when we were setting up the printer.
  • You can configure the path where you want the document you are scanning right at this moment is saved.
  • Load the original document to be scanned with the information down.
  • Select whether to scan the document in black or color.
  • Select the type of size you want scan, you can select from A4, (10x15 cm (4 "x6")) (4 "x6" (10x15cm))
  • Then you just have to click scan
Another way that you can scan a document is to use the tools to manage images and scan your operating system.

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