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How to clean the connectors connectors in ink cartridges

The connectors on the cartridges are an important part, they send information to the printer quantity of ink cartridge yield and if these are performing well or badly.

Over time, it is necessary to clean up these, but it is not as simple as it may seem, the ink cartridges and connectors are very delicate.
For cleaning we recommend using something clean, lint-free cloth or dirty, are made with water or alcohol, you can not let moisture into the cartridge.

Make clean the connectors with wet piece of cloth

Look a little damp cloth, preferably white and not much water passes through the cartridge connectors, do it until you feel you do not have ink.

When you fill a cartridge or printer has an ink system, usually falls a little ink on the connectors, with the passage of time is dry in the connectors on the cartridge, it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning to remove the ink in connectors cartridge.

Make connector cleaning with swab

This gives us the opportunity to emphasize a connector with rigid ink note, we recommend using isopropyl alcohol although not recommended by the manufacturer.

Make a cleaning cartridge when required, only when the cartridge is not recognized by the printer, it is not recommended to clean the connectors only by routine.

Clean the connectors with glass cleaner

We can clean the connectors cartridges with any liquid that dries fast, (only NOT recommended thinner) follow the instructions above, use the appropriate canvas and with the above conditions, clean and soft.

After you clean the connectors, it is recommended to leave the ink cartridge to stand for at least 20 minutes.


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