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How to clean injectors HP Officejet Pro K8600 series

Previouswe have seen our publication, as reset the HP Officejet Pro K800 printer, now we will see how to clean the ink nozzles.
The cartridges of this printer can have some really high prices, buying can be a headache, and even more when you buy and get completely white pages or stripes as prints.

Below is a method to help make cleaning the ink nozzles, both directly (manipulating equipment) and from the printer software.
hp printer injection yum9me
hp printer injection yum9me

Head cleaning from the printer (front buttons)

  • With the printer on must select the power button on / off (we leave it pressed)
  • Simultaneously pressed the cancel button twice and hold the power button.
  • And then the button to resume printing.
  • Then release the power button
In case of no obtain a solution, or not being able to do the cleaning by this method, it is recommended to clean using the printer software.

Cleaning using the printer software

  • You will need help from the HP Solution Center, you get open this program the following way.
    • Click on Start
    • Programs
    • HP Solution Center (when the first run of the driver was installed) can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website too.
  • Open the HP Solution Center
  • Verify that the program is walking for your printer, see the name of it in the upper left of the window
  • Click Settings, lower part of the window.
  • Click printer toolbox.
  • Click on services
  • Then click on print head cleaning and follow the instructions
If you need additional help, type a comment in this publication.


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