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How to fix the error E02 printers Canon PIXMA MP145

Canon printers error "E02" means that paper can not properly enter the main tray on top.

Place the paper correctly, check that nothing obstructs the passage, look that the paper is suitable for your printer and press the stop / reset button to reanudad printing.
In spite of said earlier there are other possible solutions that can help eliminate the E02 Error, then a list of solution to try in the printer.

Check this using the correct paper for your printer

Not all paper your printer can print them, it is best documented in the manual, on what kind of paper can print your Canon printer.

In case of not getting the physical paper manual, visit the manufacturer's website and download the manual, it is the same process to download printer drivers.

For papers can influence both the type and the size of the paper, for example, if you try to enter a grade paper that supports the printer will not work equally a different type of paper will cause problems when printing.

Check that the paper is installed correctly

To access the printer paper must have the correct position. If the paper is poorly positioned at the top, before entered the printer, you can not enter the printing process.

Confirm that the blades on each side in the inbox are well positioned, they should not be set much paper otherwise it will refuse to enter the printer.

Know how many pages the printer supports inbox

As we said before, this error occurs because the pages can not be annealed by the printer. Put an excessive amount of pages is not the solution, again it will be convenient to verify the manufacturer's manual to confirm how many pages the printer supports inbox.

It can help to eliminate possible problems just try printing with a number of smaller pages.

Clean the feed rollers

Finally you must recognize that something may be clogging the pages before entering the printing process, we do a cleanup in the inbox.

The top input tray usually cause many problems, it is recommended when not using the printer, remove the pages and close this place.

This will prevent you from any tool or even insects that can make the experience not very nice Canon printers.


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