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How to get preview or view documents before printing on Canon

The preview or display document before printing is important, it gives us an idea of our result on paper.

When we produce a document or project on the computer, you will have different results to paper, the colors are never the same and size vary widely.

It's not the same one monitor to a role in the computer screen whenever documents are perfect.
To avoid errors, or at least have a perspective of what the document when out of the printer, you must use Preview or preview before printing.

Previews really are not printers, Canon printers both as any other manufacturer of this device, the ability to see how the results will be taken after printed.

How you may know yet, previewing the results can vary, it all depends on the quality of your printer, the same conditions and the state of the cartridges.

The following procedure is based on the Microsoft Printer box when we send to print a document with a word processor or any other, here function is the operating system.
Canon printers preview
Canon printers preview
If our choice is not where it indicates the date, click the symbol to display more options (arrow down).

When you click to preview or preview is done, the document you're editing or about to print will appear as like as will at least the margins on a page.


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