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How to make printer head cleaning in Canon PIXMA MG2120

Cleaning nozzles helps us get better quality when printing, if we have pages with stripes across a horizontal line or it is possible that the nozzles are clogged.

Luckily the Canon PIXMA MG2120 printers through the software, computer configuration, allow us to clean the nozzles to improve print quality.
For this need to know to get to the printing devices, and the devices where you can see your printer follow the procedure belo

Browsing our printer, right click > print properties > tools (top right hand window)> select to clean printhead or printhead cleaning thoroughly.

We expect the cleaning process is done and then select (if you will), print test patterns, if this does not solve your problem is recommended change cartridges.

If the printer is not connected to a computer

In previous printer it was not possible to clean the print head if it was not connected to your computer, such printers via the top menu of the printer can make clean the same way as for the properties.

First we make sure that the printer is connected to the electricity power cord, press the button tool several times until you reach the letter H.
h in the printer lcd
h in the printer lcd
Depends what the cleaning you want to perform press the key for color copies or copies in black, if you want to clean all colors, press for color copies.

If you just want to make a head cleaning for the black cartridge, press the key to copy in black, after that the printer starts a process (like printing), we hope this is over and we expect the printer assumes the normal state, ready to print when requested again.


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