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How to print a photo from the social network Facebook

Facebook is a social network of great fame thanks to connect people, this includes sharing photos, comments and messages with friends.

In the pictures you can do almost anything on Facebook, we can label a person, share, send them to a friend and even use Facebook to store your photos.
If you have a photo you want to print, or a photo of a friend you need to print from Facebook should follow the procedure below.

Note: You should know that to print a photo of another person must have prior permission from the other person, it may help to read the privacy policies of Facebook.

On Facebook we go to the image to be printed on the bottom of the image "in the" click on Options, then download.
save imagen on facebook
save imagen on facebook
A message pop-up window, which prompted to select a route for saving the image, henceforth all depend window appears.

To print an image from Windows visit our publication to print from Windows 8, should not use the Windows 8 operating system.

Print a picture is not no big deal, whatever our operating system, we must open the image in the viewfinder, we go to the top where it says print, we click and give the necessary settings for the image.

Finally click on Print, you must have a printer working properly as the default, if no default printer, visit our publication as set a default printer.


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