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How to print a web page if no option to print directly

Print a web page is as simple as printing from any word processing process. Even the same methods and shortcuts that in a word processor is used.

Now, the impression of a complete web page, will depend entirely on which browser you have, when the printing process starts a popup which your configuration will depend on the browser opens.
For example Internet Explorer, you can print on the left and Chrome on the right. We must always look for settings browsers to select the print option, which by the way is always the first.

Something that always works in all browsers is best known printing shortcut (Ctrl + P) or any word processor to print scanner uses a combination of the above keys.

When these keys is pressed the popup with the list of available printers and configuration options for the document to be printed will appear.

You will usually get a print button on pages that read daily, as newspapers, technology or celebrity but some do not.

We can choose to copy and paste the contents in a word processor like Open Office and Microsoft Office. Any page can be copied and then print from this.

There are many ways to print, it will not be hard to get a quick solution to their problem, just simply use the tools we have at hand, to make a web page printer available to transport us information.


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