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How to reset ink cartridges Canon CL-141 / CL-141XL

If we fill ink cartridges Canon CL-141 / CL-141XL, it is almost possible that these pose a mistake, saying that they are empty.
We must restore them, and say to the printer that are not empty, we can not restore the level of ink, because if an ink cartridge is filled, the printer recognizes the number of pages that have been printed earlier.

The ink cartridges CL-141 should be filled with pigment ink for better quality and performance. When these cartridges have error message flashing warning symbol, right next to select the color for making copies. (also flash color cartridge having problem)
reset tricolor cartridge canon cl-141
reset tricolor cartridge canon cl-141
The steps are simple, they should do when they appear on the computer screen, the error saying that the cartridge is empty.

  1. We press the stop / reset button, located just to the right color. (a triangle within a circle)
  2. We leave this button down for at least 15 seconds.
  3. We hope the printer starts a process like printing.
  4. Release the button when the printer starts
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