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How to reset the printer Canon PIXMA MG3210

This Canon printer uses ink cartridges PG-140 and CL-141, good performance and outstanding performance, with the possibility to fill both the black cartridge, as the tricolor and still get a good cost per page.

This printer, like most Canon injection, when we fill or an ink system gives us problems usually has the empty cartridges error (low ink).
The printer could say it is blocked, do not let us print the ink levels are low or the ink cartridge is exhausted, but we have filled the cartridge or printer has system why this message?.

As mentioned in other publications, Canon printers, the connectors are a combination that sends information to the computer when the cartridges are used or new.

If we put a new ink cartridge, empty cartridge error will not appear until it is considered that the cartridge is empty. Actually the printer is the ability to view the ink levels, but if you know how many pages printed.

For example when the cartridge factory says that prints 200 pages and 100 pages have printed a course that ink levels appear to us in half.
Printer Canon PIXMA MG 3210 /// Photo: Canon Company
Printer Canon PIXMA MG 3210 /// Photo: Canon Company
To solve the problem, we will not go up the ink levels, so far I do not know how to do a procedure, at least in these printers. If we can tell the printer that does not matter and we want to continue printing even ink levels this low.

We must hope that the mistake appears in the printer, a message will tell you that an ink cartridge is empty, you can be the black cartridge or color ink cartridge.

Just when it appears we must press the button stop / reset and let it down for at least 15 seconds. The printer will start a process as it was printed, the message will disappear from the screen and can be printed again.

The above button is located on the left side of the printer, just above the wireless button and the right button to copy in color or black. (it is a circle with a triangle inside)


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