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How to solve the assistance code 1686 in Canon printers

The assistance Code 1686 in Canon printers, occurs when the printer does not recognize the ink level in any of the cartridges.

The main reason is because it has run out of ink in an ink cartridge, another may be that the cartridge nozzles are clogged and not allowed to pass the ink.
The quick solution to this problem is to replace the ink cartridge, but not everyone has the money to do it, if it is recommended fill the cartridge.

Something important is knowing how to identify which cartridge is presenting the problem. On the computer screen, the information which is the cartridge (if connected) appears.

Fix the problem if you believe that the cartridges have sufficient ink, such that we have filled it, pressing and letting down the stop / reset button for at least 10 seconds.

The printer will start a process like printing and then resume printing, it will have to do it often if you fill your cartridges, or have installed ink system.

It can help reset our publication as an ink cartridge Canon printers.


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