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How to solve error ink absorber full Canon PIXMA MX330

Before anything else I would say the importance not to confuse the terms, return the ink levels or fix the error full pads ink.

The ink ink pads are sponges located at the bottom of which lie the ink cartridges, each cartridge cleaning after each print and spilled some ink in these sponges, which over time and we are filled they have an error.
Reset ink levels we must do at least every 15,000 copies in Canon printers, it is not an exact figure but may be close to that amount.

Printers with ink systems may have this error often need a program and a key combination to restore and eliminate this error at the printers.

Unlike the ink level, the ink pads completely block the printer, do not allow this print and ask us to take us for service (which is very expensive).

The multifuntional printeres presented this error as E08 and P07 teams printers only depends what our team is possible that the mistake appears 5B00.

For this printer works V.2000 service tool, you can download this tool in the link to download service tool to restore V.2000 pads Canon PIXMA MX330 printer.

Before starting the installation file that you downloaded is necessary to enter service mode in the printer, we entered by pressing a number key on the front of the printer menu.

How entering service mode on Canon PIXMA MX330

To enter service mode, follow the process below:
  • Turn off the printer
  • We press the stop / reset button with the printer turned off
  • Then press the power button
  • When the printer turn release the button stop / reset
  • With the power button pressed twice without stopping press the button stop / reset
  • It depends on which printer model you have, in some you need to press the stop / reset button at least 5 times (first try with two)
  • Then the printer screen, will present "0" or goes blank, it means that we have entered properly to service mode
When you have downloaded the program, will appear in a decompressed folder, it will look three square two down and one up.
decompressed program
decompressed program

Reset the pads with V.2000 program MX330

From now on if we have done everything right, we will see options to select enabled, click on "Main" in "Clear Ink Counter" printer will start moving and print a page, the program will display a pop-up saying the process is over.
press maid in clear ink counter
press maid in clear ink counter
If you have problems with this procedure, please write a comment in the journal, provide information that mistake is presenting you the printer. We will gladly help.


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  1. mx340,, problem is printer has blown USB port
    Works OK as network printer, painfull to set up
    under linux
    I can get into service mode (stop 5x), but no USB
    Some earlier canons have a combination of button presses to clear waste counter, does this? (mx340)