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How to solve the error V162 Canon printers

The V162 error occurs when the connectors of the cartridge, do not stick properly with the connectors on the printer. Canon printers usually seen in the year 2011 onwards, as the models: PIXMA MG 4110 / PIXMA MG 4210 / PIXMA MG 3110 / PIXMA MG 3210 / PIXMA MG 2110 / PIXMA MG 2210 / PIXMA MX 371 / PIXMA MX 391 / PIXMA MX 431/ PIXMA MX 451 / PIXMA MX 511 / PIXMA MX-521

These printers, all have a wedge that drives the cartridge to contact the printer correctly, you may get cartridges while this wedge not properly boost for the contact operation is complete.
We recommend try to make contact with our hands, pushing hard to finish the wedge down and paste the cartridge correctly.

You should note that the error can be caused when some ink is obstructing the connectors, in this case it is recommended that a cleaning cartridge connectors, if he can do the cleaning but the connectors on the printer.

You may be interested in our publication, how clean an ink cartridge (follow the procedure as is described)

A procedure will help restore V162 error (not tested at all)

  • Turn off the printer
  • Hold the stop / reset button and then press the power button (the printer will sound)
  • Do not release the ON button and release the stop / reset
  • Press the stop / reset button twice and then release all the buttons simultaneously
  • When the printer indicator in green, press three or four times the stop / reset button until orange sets.
  • Finally press the button to save the settings
If you have a physical cleaning pads is a little difficult process recommended only technicians printers, it involves taking a hose and put a damaged ink container out of the printer.

In case of questions or additional help, type a comment in the post, we will gladly help you solve the problem.


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