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How to solve impressions of symbols in the operating system Windows

If when we send to print from the Windows operating system only obtain symbols, letters that are not understood or written in half, we have a problem that is in communication with the computer printer.

It will not solve the problem trying to head cleaning or changing ink cartridges, as you can see the print is intact, that is, the printing quality is perfect, only we do not understand symbols.
Then a series of procedures that will help solve the problem, follow all step by step as it is asked, if you need further assistance please write a comment.

Cancel the documents that are currently printing

It will help our publication as forcibly remove a document in the print queue, anyway below a short review of how.
  • We will print devices, home> print devices> your printer
  • Select the printer you are printing, double-click or right-click and open
  • Printed documents will be displayed at the time
  • Right click and delete or select the document (one click) on top the option to delete is enabled and we click, then click OK
  • Then turn the printer off and back
If this did not solve the problem, try the solution below.

Use the program to fix Windows printing problems

There is a program that any problems will detect configuration, apply the changes and help you to print properly again.

Run this program, learn how to do it in our publication program to troubleshoot printer. If this still does not solve the problem follow the procedures below.

Print another document in the same printer from another computer

When you copy a document from the Internet or when we have a document e-mail and downloaded it, you will have problems to be printed.

Some viruses typically infect Word documents, looks good information on the computer but the results that we will be devastating pages and different from the real.

Try printing another document but want to print is in front, but must first resolve the issue. Use any other document from your computer and try to print, if possible with the same processor (if you are using one).

Print another document or the same but from another program

Now what we are doing is to eliminate potential problems, try printing the same document from but in another word processing program. When using a browser switch to another and try printing the document.

Check the USB connection

How stated earlier we have a communication problem, as always this and any communication problems are solved by checking the USB connection.

If possible, connect the USB cable directly from the computer, do not use so called indirect connection to the strips or front USB port of the computer.

Connect the USB cable from the tracery of the printer is directly on the motherboard of the computer and I assure you will have better results.

If everything said above does not solve your problem should contact technical support team, if you have a trusted technician says he has done the procedure described here, it will help to have an understanding of where is the problem.


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