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How to solve light print cartridges Canon

Canon ink cartridges are the best in the market, further type of FINE, the market in our region. Canon printers when it comes to quality and durability are the best, all thanks to their cartridges.

When Canon cartridges have problems, it is usually due to difficulties in the injectors, with the passage of time these become clogged, preventing the normal passage of the ink and you get problems like lack of clear impressions and quality.
To solve the problem of clear impressions are a number of solutions which we explain below, note that everything depends on your printer and type of ink to use these.

Canon ink cartridges, used largely based pigmented ink, ink water if we put the same quality will be obtained.

To identify which type of ink your printer uses is recommended to visit the manufacturer's website, in the description of ink cartridges which uses exactly confirm your cartridge.

You must confirm the amount of ink cartridges have, if almost empty ink get clear pages by default. Care must be taken, when the ink is about to spend is not recommended print many pages, this can damage the ink cartridge.

If the printer is in fast draft quality you get is not the same as at the beginning, you must change the configuration quickly to normal quality.

It will help clean the ink nozzles on the print properties, this tool will spend a lot of ink nozzles will help clean them and damage caused by the passage of time will be solved.

Try to uncover the ink cartridges, it can help remove the ink extractor, if no one tries to make one at home. Failure to obtain a solution to the above procedures, you must change the ink cartridge with a new one.


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