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How wirelessly connect the Canon PIXMA MX340

The Canon PIXMA MX340 printer allows us to connect wirelessly from a computer connected to the same router.
This is an intuitive process, which will help us to understand how it works connecting printers to print to the wireless router.

Before anything else it is important to know that this connection will not work if there is no router to communicate printer and our printer. First we connect your printer to the wireless router, then the procedure of how to do it:

  1. We press the menu button on the main screen of the printer
  2. Surf the buttons to find device settings
  3. We continue browsing to find (LAN settings)
  4. Change the WAP LAN inactive for WAP LAN active and lastly press OK
  5. The light indicating connection LAN turns blue and the display shows LAN settings
  6. Select LAN settings and click OK
  7. Select WCN and click OK
  8. Screen appears indicating us that we must connect our USB cable
  9. When the cable is connected to the display settings completed
The next step is to install the printer, and select whether you want to install from the printer connected to the wireless network.

You can help our publication as a Canon printer connected to the wireless router, follow the steps below.

The computer must be connected to the router or access point via a LAN cable, the installation must be done as is a printer to USB cable, only just the time to ask us information that type of connection is performed must be selected (use network printer).

How we said before, this is just a simple way to explain how Canon printers of this model is set up, and in later will make a full disclosure of the exact configuration for this machine.


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