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Reset the error P07 Canon PIXMA MG2120 full pads

The P07 error in Canon printers, stops us printing, it is assumed that the printer can not print because the ink pads are completely filled.

Physically sponges are found just below the purge, the part that cleans the printheads on the right.
When we average about 15,000 printed pages the printer and ink assumed that these have is too much to continue working without clean and change.

But as always, even the ink does not start out the bottom of the printer, that is, the pads are not really full, it's just a process the printer system.

If we want the printer to continue work without problems you need reset the pads, for it will need software and a process to put the printer to service mode. The software is called Service Tool.

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Download the program to reset the printer MG2120

Without running the printer must enter as a service mode, so you have follow these instructions:

  1. The printer must be connected to the computer and have blank pages A4 (normal size)
  2. Turn off the printer (by pressing the ON / OFF button)
  3. We press the Stop / Reset button with the printer turned off (leave pressed)
  4. Then press the power button with the button Stop / Reset pressed.
  5. Hold the power button, we press the Stop / Reset button 5 times (the printer enters service mode)
  6. Run the software downloaded earlier
In the program where it says Clear Ink Counter, we Black and click on Set, then do the same where it says Color, for every color.

After that we close the program, disconnect the printer and connect again, then everything should be working properly, otherwise please write a comment in the post.


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