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Reset the pads in printers Canon PIXMA MG3140

Reset the pads a Canon printer, it is not the same as ignoring the error of empty cartridges, this error may no longer be able to print because the system already recognizes not in optimal performance.

Physically pads, sponges are located below purge the printer, where rest the cartridge when it is not in work, in these parts much ink is spilled, so there comes a time where you need to replace and perform a hardware reset.
Here's how to enter service mode for Canon PIXMA MG3140 printer and supply you the link for downloading a program called Service Tool that will help us to program the machine to continue printing.

Enter the service mode of the Canon PIXMA MG3210

  • Turn off the printer (the power button)
  • Press and hold the button stop / reset. circle button with triangle inside
  • Without releasing the button stop / reset, press the power button (ON / OFF) the printer should put green buttons.
  • Release the button to stop / reset and we pressed the ON button.
  • Without releasing the power button we press the button 5 times stop / reset, each time we press orange must put the stop / reset.
  • When completed, the display of the printer any information should not appear, and release the power button.
  • In case of not, turn off the printer and start the process again.
Already in service mode, only the tool service is run, it will need to download.

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Run the service tool and finish the reset process

Now with the printer in service mode, we must follow a procedure with the program, the first thing to do is verify that the printer is connected to your computer and turned on, then run the file you downloaded.

A screen with all types of settings available as a computer administrator appears, you must be careful because any changes you make in this area, its function is unknown, can be very damaging to the printer.
service tool window for pixma mg3140
service tool window for pixma mg3140
If you see the buttons that are not eligible to run, you must complete the process again, make sure the printer is properly connected to the computer.

If work must not disconnect any device connected via USB, like cameras, cell phones and even other printers.

The printer must have pages because when you reset the pads prints a page in small print at the top.
click the EEPROM upper part
click the EEPROM upper part
After the page is printed, indicates that the reset is completed correctly, disconnect the electrical power cord and plug it again, the printer may appear to copy one in front and need to set as the default printer again.


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