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Visualize the ink levels in Epson printers

To view the ink levels in Epson printers have two options require the same tool to be possible. When you have the facility to view the ink levels, we saved a big problem to run out of ink at important moments without possibility of getting replacements.

It will only be possible to see the ink levels in Epson if we installed the Epson Status Monitor tool, this tool can get details of print jobs, the configuration and status of the problems.
Also view ink levels and sends us a warning when one or more cartridges have very low levels of ink, we can access this tool and see the ink levels both from any text box to print and the print properties to Epson printers.

How can see the ink levels in Epson printers

Process through dialog to print
  1. Must do everything possible for a dialog enable printing from anywhere in your operating system, even when we go to print a page from a browser or from a word processor like Microsoft Word.
  2. Preferences click on the print window to access the printer settings. (usually top right)
  3. At the top right of the window displays the maintenance option, we will click and select Epson Status Monitor.
  4. The ink levels displayed in the Ink Levels section.
  5. When you have seen the levels, click OK, then click Cancel to the dialog as it was not necessary to print any documents.
Procedure to see the ink levels by the control panel
  1. In this case, we need to get to printing devices, the form may change depending on what the operating system you have.
  2. Right-click the printer you want to check the ink levels depends on what your system but all forms must select properties or printing preferences.
  3. Then click on maintenance.
  4. Click on Epson Status Monitor followed Ink Levels.
  5. To exit click on OK and then close all windows, both print tool as printing devices.
With all the steps described here should see the ink levels in Epson printers, if you have questions or printer specifies that this procedure does not work, write a comment.


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