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What is the difference between standard cartridges and XL (extra large)

The ink cartridges are to print a page number average, it will depend on how much ink is placed on them.

An original ink cartridge has a special type of ink even more than the pigmented ink used to refill cartridges at home or shops filled.
This is not the same ink, the manufacturer also puts the printer settings that only they know, for each ink cartridge there is a different temperature.

The case is that there are two types of cartridges, one normal version (standard), which normally bring factory printers, and other extra large version (XL), the latter yield an average of 100% more than standard.
xl ink cartridges version by osde8info
xl ink cartridges version by osde8info
The ink cartridges standard version usually have a lower price than extra large version, the difference is an average of 30%.

What it tells us that if we want to save at least 70% in the ink cartridges cartridges should buy this type.

The manufacturer of the cartridges provides information on their products or packaging cardboard, it is recommended to analyze before the cost per page.

In this way you can identify if it really is better to buy the cartridges standard version or version Extra large.

If you frequently fill the ink cartridges after spending ink that bring new, you should do everything possible to buy ink cartridges version extra large, these cartridges as you know printed more pages than standard, leaving told us that his sponge is larger and resistance.
xl version refill cartridges for ShutterSparks
xl version refill cartridges for ShutterSparks
The version extra large cartridges (XL) are difficult to obtain, may by the sale price or a bit heavy, also influence their price, dealers ordered to manufacturers less extra large that standard cartridges.

If you have a printer with continuous ink system, we recommend using these ink cartridges unlike standard, as you know, thanks to the resistance of his sponge and injectors is a better option.

The difference between cost and performance is much between standard cartridges and extra large version, if people buying ink cartridges is frequently recommended to use this type of cartridges, get more yield and lowest cost per page than the version standard.


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