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What is needed for print from an iPad

Print from an iPad is not difficult, since the manufacturer has developed a tool called AirPrint compatible with a large number of printers last generation.

This publication will discuss what it takes to print from the device, if you want to visit our publication settings, configure iPad with AirPrint.
Although the list of supplements for printing is low, there is a very influential and important factor, you could say one that is extremely important, this is the printer.

You can not print to any printer using AirPrint application. So far the list of compatible printers is not much, but is rising, as we have said before, only the last days printers are supported.

Today there is growing interest in the manufacturers by adding the option of printing from devices, this impediment of some slightly older printers to print to.

To print and configure a printer with AirPrint application need:

  • An iPad (of course)
  • Router or Access Point Wi-Fi
  • A Printer (support application)
  • Wireless Internet connection
As we said at the beginning, more than important for the application to work AirPrint is compatible with the printer. A list of supported printers with this printing method.


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