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Which type of ink used by Epson printers L210

Printers with Epson integrated systems, use an ink sold by the same manufacturer. Depending on what our printer must use the ink.
If you are one that you love to use all original, that is, not use generic inks, maybe do a little difficult to get the original inks, when you get the ink must have outstanding compatibility.

For example, using this type printers thrown first like:
Epson L210 / L110 Epson / Epson L200 / L350 Epson / Epson L355 / L555 Epson

It will be necessary to use ink pots:
T664120 - Epson Black Ink Bottle 664 (black ink)
T664220 - Epson Cyan Ink Bottle 664 (cyan)
T664320 - Epson Magenta Ink Bottle 664 (magenta ink)
T664420 - Epson 664 Yellow Ink Bottle (yellow ink)

When when we fill the tanks of ink, you must enter the codes that have pots on the outside.

Use of genuine inks are recommended, it requires the manufacturer to ensure product performance.

When will request printer warranty in case of problems and we have put this generic ink will present problems.

All these printers lose the guarantee to spend a period of a year or printing about 15,000 pages.

In case you have no money to buy the original ink, or just do not get buy for availability, we recommend getting pigmented ink.

Original ink pots factory have pigment inks, only changed its name DuraBrite. If we need pigmented ink codes to tell the system that we have set, the original pots.

Follow our publication to reset codes pots Epson printers ink tanks manufactured. If you have any problems with this procedure or any other particular questions, type a comment.


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