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How work and who are printers print double-sided or duplex

A daily printer manufacturers fight to have the leadership in the production of equipment, like the battle print wirelessly.
And all manufacturers of products in its catalog, have Wi-Fi connection printers and applications for smart phones like Google Cloud Print and ePrint.

Some time ago they have started the battle for double-sided printing, making it possible for customers to save money on paper and more compact documents.
modern duplex printer for yum9me
modern duplex printer for yum9me
There has always been the ability to print double-sided, but not always automatically, ie only send the request to the printer and this without user intervention we can print on both sides.

Why choose a printer duplex?

Having not cost anything, if we can buy a multifunctional printer at a price, and only some difference for a duplex printer, we recommend buying the second, we can save a lot of time.

For example in large printers, if we have to mobilize to other offices to change the face of the printer to print the back side is a time that we do something more productive.

In the case of double-sided copies, micro printer for use, can save us much time, when we have a tray that allows us to take both sides of the paper to perform an operation.

Similarly when we need to print both sides printed, without intervention, likewise scanner, besides the record without intervention can scan a whole day of work in PDF documents duplex printer just looking to make your job.

The consumer is wins in this war, but it is no secret that the price is higher than a printer with this feature, over time, you will see the difference in prices.


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