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At that height you can be placed tanks continuous ink system

The ink systems are synonymous with saving tool when it comes to printers and cost per page, there are cases of people who save an average of 100% and more — just do not want to exaggerate — unlike buying original ink cartridges to each time these ink runs out, as is the traditional way.
printer ink system
printer ink system
Before we made a publication on the height of the system should be placed, so this publication concerns specifying that the ink tanks.
When the ink tanks are not in the right place common problems to appear on printed documents are, pale pages — when the tanks are lower than the printhead — and prints with ink stains or abundance of ink on pages — when the ink tanks are higher up the printhead — following is a brief explanation is the head for those unfamiliar with this term.

There are different types of cartridges, some have the print head placed in the same cartridges or better said where the ink and others will have a separate head that takes the ink from the cartridges found elsewhere from the printer — usually without moving as most cartridges — depending on what the printer you use, almost always reaches the ink cartridges by the absence of another amount of ink if the system is properly installed.

That is why the cartridge must make the same head height or ink cartridges, means tanks as you know must be filled a little more than half and place the hose into the cartridge when about to get ink.

Do your best to paste the ink tanks to the printer, so it does not remove easily, as some ink tanks at a table, floor or above anything else that is not affixed to the ends of the printer.


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