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How the canon printers scan without ink cartridges

Multifunction printers are a double-edged sword for manufacturers, as they have to add the scanner to be in the vanguard without receiving anything in return.
canon multifunctional printer for meivaleree
canon multifunctional printer for meivaleree
Even they lose money manufacturers who do scanner well, since no one wants to buy only this appliance when you can buy printer with scanner included.
Below is a method that allows you to scan documents from the Canon printer without the need for this has the two cartridges installed.

You should know that this procedure is not compatible with all printers, only those with the buttons mentioned below, in case you need help write a comment and will be answered as soon as possible.

Canon printer setup procedure for scanning without the ink cartridges

  • Turn off the printer
  • Press the power button and let down
  • Now press by two occasions the stop / reset button (triangle within a circle)
  • Release the power button (power / off)
  • The printer must now submit to the "0" display or not present anything
  • Press the (+) button until you change the "0" to "1" on the screen printer
  • Now press the button to make color copies (usually green)
  • Press the power button (power / off) twice
  • Open the door to access the cartridges
  • Remove ink cartridges — if none will not be necessary to remove them —
  • Close the door giving access to the cartridges
  • Turn on the printer
As mentioned earlier depends very much on which printer you are using, in any case it will be convenient if you plan to write a comment saying it printer has to identify whether it is possible to restore.


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  1. i have done it all but there are no number showing .. not even 0.. i have printer mp198