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How eliminate errors printers Canon PIXMA MG3120

The Canon PIXMA MG3210 printer just like any other printer, usually have some mistakes that are easy to fix, but not all errors will be corrected as the continuation but before we do anything else we should use this step.
canon MG3120 printer and troubleshoot
canon MG3120 printer and troubleshoot
Errors in the printers with ink cartridges should always be expected, perhaps one of the most common errors are also related to the ink cartridges.
As we said before, maybe not all errors are solved with this procedure but who should be trusted first to try to solve a problem.

If the Canon PIXMA MG3120 printer is the error that the cartridges are empty, it will block the ability to continue printing, yet we know that cartridges are full or if the printer is installed ink system.

It is normal because if the cartridge factory comes only to print about 220 pages, will be the limit for print and an error will appear, but we can not help remove appears unless the cartridge is changed.

Pressing the stop / reset button for at least 10 seconds the printer will present the error, but the printer continues printing ink levels remain low, it is important to know that you can fix any errors as paper jam, resume printing etc...

This procedure does not improve print quality, this will have to change the cartridge if the quality is bad, you can not solve problems related to connectors cartridge cases like burnt cartridges or related issues.


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