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How entering service mode on printers Canon PIXMA MP230

Enter on as a service mode to reset Canon printers printing pads is a mandatory requirement, it is no longer possible to restore the pads as before, it was only necessary to press some buttons period.
Now we need a process to get there, and say to BIO printer, which we explain below.

If you are reading this publication, you also may be interested in our publication how restoring printing pads on Canon PIXMA MP230, only with this procedure to enter the service mode.

Procedure to enter service mode in the PIXMA MP230

  • The printer must be connected to the computer
  • The electrical power cord of the printer must be connected
  • Turn off the printer, but do it for the off button (located on top of the printer)
  • Press and hold the button stop / reset (triangle within a circle)
  • Without releasing the button stop / reset press the power button and let down simultaneously
  • When the indicator lights, release the button to stop / reset, then pressed about five (5) times, each press of the button will turn on a light
  • Finally you must release both buttons when the touch becomes No. 5 green indicator
And the printer must be in service mode, now the next step is to run the service tool, a program that can get in our publication resetting pads print on PIXMA MP230 printers.


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