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How make maintenance Epson L210 with original ink tanks

Must be admitted that Epson printers with ink tanks was one of the best innovations of the manufacturer and benefits for users who want a stable and warranty to print form or micro domestic enterprises.
epson L210 printer with ink system
epson L210 printer with ink system
These printers have good warranty, so that if you buy one of these printers and displays the smallest problem before even passing the 15,000 pages a year of use, the manufacturer will send another replacement printer for conformity.
We must help the printer, look for ways to not take the equipment to customer service, and avoid disgust with the manufacturer, if we give proper maintenance at the right time things may change, the printer operation and better performance consumables too.

It is necessary to maintain a printer when the quality of printed documents is not the same, the most common maintenance for these printers the purge hose or named head cleaning, this improves quality and will get sharper results immediately.

How to make cleaning head in Epson L210

Epson think first of all in the use that would give the L210 printer knows better than anyone how the printer works, and is why the software when installing the printer, a series of tools that help us settle to improve the print quality when necessary without open the equipment or carry where a technical specialist.

Since this is not the first Epson printer with ink tanks before this was the model Epson L200 ink tanks also, for this we have a publication which explains how to do the cleaning head, then follow the link for the steps correctly.

Head to clean thoroughly in Epson L210 printer with ink tanks

This procedure is very effective and if it really solves pages with streaks or dull, but it should not be practiced frequently as the print quality does decrease immediately.

Head cleaning uses ink tanks of ink, quick way to inject by the heads, eliminating any obstruction that causes impressions with streaks or dull.

Align the printhead to solve decentralized letters and cut in half

It is recommended that you make head alignment immediately head cleaning is done, we need to be on and without error on the printer.

You need not use white pages to see the results clearly, then performed the procedure described in the following publication. (applies to Epson L210 Epson although it says L200 printer)

The alignment of the head does not spend much ink, it is recommended to get a good quality, or the results that are sought, then if the quality does not improve can leave the printer to stand for a while and try printing again after spending average 12 hours .

Make cleaning the printer from time to time to avoid paper jams and errors

The printer is a hardware that needs a cleanup might like our monitor, so an external cleaning is recommended every so often, that we need to turn the printer power feeder cable and USB cable.

We will use a little water — not at excess — and clean the equipment with care for the places that have no electrical connection or transiting areas where the pages.

Print a test page to learn that everything is working properly

A final test printing a page to measure the quality of the printer will help determine if you should continue trying to do maintenance or if we have enough to print what you want, if the quality is not the best you should contact your service Epson.


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