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How reset the pads on Epson WorkForce 840

And a few days ago a reader of the blog have written a message, asking him to help you get the pads to reset the Epson WorkForce 840 printer, I did my best to find the reset that functions without putting the serial printer.

Try even pay for one truth exaggerated amount of money, they wanted to charge 25 dollars for the reset, I'm willing to pay for, just to have it in this blog, the truth is not a problem.
And finally, I searched the reset and using the same user that produced the comment, we have reset the printer, however... I'm not sure that this procedure works for all printers, as was downloaded for the user asking the printer.

But the truth we try, just want to put things clear before performing the download and installation of software to restore printing pads 840 Epson WorkForce printers, if they can provide your serial or put the serial that has provided me the user.

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Download the software to restore the pads Epson WorkForce 840

When I try to run the file, it appears a request to put the serial printer and a key confirmation, then the printer data that we have recovered, — is recommended to first try the data of your printer, you get the serial in the back of the printer — if you have any questions, just write a comment, I will gladly help you.

Key to restore printer:

Serial with which we made the restoration:

The printer series, this stuck in a white tape which looks like:
epson printer serial image
epson printer serial image
Remember if you have a problem or need help, post a comment, gladly will our best to help.


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