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How to fill the tanks in Epson printers with adaptation of continuous ink

This post can not be confused for any reason with our other related post, dealing with the tanks filled to printers with Epson L200 ink system, since all the L serial printers are manufactured with system.
epson printer ink system
epson printer ink system
Epson printers, it was not until recently that started bringing manufactures ink system, which allows savings for many users, although this method is not for all countries or regions, its most popular models are L200 / L210 who came as a substitute.
However many years to Epson printers NX / Stylus / Photo type among other series, has been adapting ink systems, say clandestinely thus losing their immediatel warranty on the device.

The truth is not a bad practice installation of continuous systems to Epson printers, from experience I can say that will save you up to 80% on printed documents — of course is... if the quality you want is not the best — it's good to be honest and it is not a secret for anyone that the quality of adaptive systems printers and cartridges is not the same.

But the point of this publication is to put the ink tanks of these printers is not good digress, so then a series of steps that will help us put the ink in the best way in these adaptations.

Use inks for Epson printers — be very specific when you buy —

In our publication using generic printer ink systems factory, you will get a good reference that can be used if you have ink Epson printers.

The quality depends on good the ink, it is recommended to be very important not to use the same inks to get to fill in the Canon or HP cartridges for Epson printers, if you or where you will buy the ink does not handle well the terms "pigmented inks or the water inks " recommended as stated above (be specific and ask only inks for Epson printers).

You never get the same or better quality ink cartridges using Epson DuraBrite original, so it is recommended to consider before making the purchase or installation of printers ink systems.

Keep closed tank vents

These holes are located just above the tank ink system, where filters that allow the proper functioning of the system are placed, so not only pass the necessary amount to the cartridges.
ink system for Epson
ink system for Epson
As you can see in the picture above, two holes appear in the top one shows the filter system and the other by where we put the ink.

We must remove the filters of the tanks and replace plugs that make function of closing the hole to put the ink — at the other end — when it closed the part where the filter cartridge can then supply the ink tanks are.

Always do this as slowly as possible, if we put the ink in the tanks very quickly this will cause you get more ink necessary to print head, something that will be really bad because the head will start to stain the pages with ink drops.

It is necessary that the side of the tank where the filters placed will have the lowest levels of ink which is supposed to be going the ink, this is achieved by placing the doing the same steps, but when you have already filled the ink tanks, means — not letting out some air and to where are the inks — always remember to put the filters to complete the process.


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