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How to get the air of cartridges in printers installed continuous ink system

What you do next is to repair the ink cartridges for printers connected continuous ink system installed, for those who do not, these are devices with an adaptation of continuous ink saving a lot of money compared to conventional purchase and replacement cartridges when they are damaged.
ink cartridges for HP
ink cartridges for HP
Printers with continuous ink system, works perfectly, until the hoses or cartridges let pass air instead of ink.
The pages begin to unfocused and low quality of the colors, although can damage the ink cartridges, burning connectors and not be possible to restore or repair again.

Solving this problem should be a priority, and not so hard to tell when this happening, also previously said that the pages will pale colors or of poor quality, then tips you can use to solve.

They include bleeding from the cartridges, which process consists in getting the ink to cartridges putting air tanks filled with ink which in turn are connected in the cartridges.

See tutorial on how to bleeding the system cartridges

Another easy way to get the air is putting ink on them, this means that we must remove the cartridge from its connection to the ink system and ink replace the air inside.

If you are one of those who have chosen to replace the procedure completed by the continuous ink system, you must return back and fill the ink cartridge with a syringe so that the sponges are filled with ink and the cartridge will not be damaged quickly.

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Another way to help is to make the process of cleaning the print head, Canon and Epson printers works correctly, This process leads ink from the cartridge system quickly and without our intervention.

The ink cartridges installed in a printer connected to a continuous ink system, should always have ink inside, otherwise damaging the connectors burn the cartridge and eliminating the possibility of repairing the cartridge for future use.


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