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How to know if the ink cartridges are empty

Identify when the ink cartridges are empty, it must be a habit for those who use the printer frequently, because if we forget without ink cartridge inside the printer and want to print can damage the printer.
canon ink cartridges empty by Doug Waldron
canon ink cartridges empty by Doug Waldron
Although you can not get to consider it is more important than it seems to know when the cartridges are worn or at the end.
The ink inside the cartridges despite serving for printing, perform the function of insulating the heat emitted by the printer cartridge connectors, very hot with no hope of being dissipated, so hot cartridge connectors burns leaving unusable for other uses.

Ink cartridges, you should do everything possible to save because they are 80% of consumption in print, including the purchase of the printer and pages we print, so they should be care and do everything possible because not damaged quickly.

When we have printers with continuous ink system, we can come to think that the ink cartridges will not be exhausted, but this is a big mistake because it is possible that the ink does not reach the cartridges fluidly, resulting in this the same an empty cartridge and thus burning and hurting the cartridge to the printer.

We know when the cartridges are worn completely or starting to spend, if we see pages with stripes or completely white in color cartridge scratches can be a bit more difficult to identify because the cartridge has three colors are mixed if for any color or at least similar.

If we start to see pale pages or lack of a specific color, you should consider changing the cartridge, first of all tools to clean the head as this can help improve the quality but otherwise the cartridge change is the first choice.

In black ink cartridges can not afford to get pages with stripes down the middle of the letters, or opaque letters, this is synonymous with the need to change the cartridge or refill it. In our blog you will get many options of how to fill the cartridge, only need to use the form on the top right of the page, enter the number of your cartridge and select from the results.

In case you have a continuous ink system, it is where you should be more careful, do not trust the ink is always coming to the cartridge, when pages with stripes are obtained is because the ink is not reaching the right way to the cartridge, make a print head cleaning can help, but when the cartridge is coming to be damaged, so it is necessary to always have ink or even fill the cartridge and then connect hoses ink.


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