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How to make black copies and color on printers Epson L355

The multifunctional Epson ink tanks L355 factory, printers give us the possibility to print the lowest price in the market.
epson L355 printer with tanks
epson L355 printer with tanks
The same applies to copies, it is the team that will get us the lowest cost per page in copied documents inkjet, color copies favorable inexpensive.
The following procedure with luxury details that allow us to make color prints and black, always remembering that if you need some extra help can write a comment, everyone here is answered.

How to make color prints on Epson L355

  • Place the original document on the glass of the printer — top "scanner glass" with the side you want to scan down — should guide the image corners to signaling having the frame.
  • To copy a color image just click on the top - panel buttons — which has two pages green.
  • You can back to black in average quality, just press and let down the button for 3 seconds — the same as used to make color copies — thus saving a little ink but have an inferior quality, can be seen on the draft documents.
  • If you want to make 20 copies must press the color button and after about three seconds after the button stop / reset, the printer will scan the document and then printed.
printer epson l355
printer epson l355
  1. This procedure must use the same steps to make color copy only changes the button you want to make color copies or prints you want to do.
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