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How to make a head cleaning Canon PIXMA MP230

The Canon PIXMA MP230 printer can come to consider one of the easiest to make a continuous ink system, thanks to its design which has large space at the top so that the hoses do not get stuck.
canon Pixma MP230 with CISS
canon Pixma MP230 with CISS
Eventually the ink cartridges of these printers require maintenance, this printer has the advantage of having a maintenance tool called — cleaning (standard) and head cleaning thoroughly (recommended if the cartridge is in very poor condition) — depending print quality you have, cleaning is recommended.
The print cartridges in poor condition pages printing with stripes or blurred letters, is the fastest way to realize that it is necessary to head cleaning cartridges.

In this process, the printer pulls more ink than normal cleaning with itself the passage of cartridges "head" thus allowing any ink residue or other dirt on the small line where the ink cartridge should be removed out.

It depends on your operating system to get to the printing devices, which is where the printer can make cleaning head, then a publication that help you get to printing devices no matter what version operating system (Windows only).

Getting to printing devices in Windows

And then you get choose the image or the name of the printer, in this case Canon PIXMA MP230 will not matter that your printer is the system of continuous ink or not, if the cartridges are no longer in good condition is necessary to do the cleaning as soon possible.

Make cleaning head in Canon PIXMA MP230

  • Right click on the printer or name and go to print properties
  • Appears a window where you must select maintenance (located in the last tab at the top right of the page)
  • We make click and they appear two options to select
    • Cleaning (a milder cleaning removes only a small error)
    • Thorough cleaning (removes more effectively any stain or damage the cartridges)
  • We chose one of the two options and follow the steps below
  • Appears if you want to clean out all the colors or the two black and tricolor cartridges, and another option if you want to just clean the black cartridge.
  • Select the type of cleaning you want to do and click run
maintenance Canon PIXMA MP230
maintenance Canon PIXMA MP230
Below is a picture of what the option is recommended for effective cleaning head, fix stained and blurry prints Canon PIXMA MP230 printers.
cleanup options for printers Canon PIXMA MP230
cleanup options for printers Canon PIXMA MP230
If after doing this procedure the printer still have problems, you need to replace the ink cartridges or carry these where a technician manufactured that can restore the status.

Any additional questions, just write a comment, I will gladly help you solve this and other problems associated with this printer.


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