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How to make a head cleaning Epson Stylus SX105

Just make a head cleaning when necessary, very necessary as head cleaning is done with ink cartridges, this involves an expenditure of excessive ink when several head cleaning often do.

The head cleaning helps to improve print quality and maintenance of the printer, if you need any additional help on cleaning head, type a comment.
You can make a head cleaning from the computer in the printing tool, come to this, and other major printer options through to printing devices in the properties of the equipment you need.

  • Make sure the printer is not showing any errors, like cartridges, paper jams or electrical problems
  • Get to printing devices
  • Right-click the printer icon and select from the list click printhead cleaning
  • If this option is not listed, print selection tool (an entire window with options available for the printer appears, navigate to find maintenance) finally you get the option to clean the print head
  • The power button flashes while cleaning head
  • Do not press the power button while the process is conducted
Finally print a test page to verify print quality if the problem persists and your printer is still in warranty period, contact Epson support.


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