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How to make head cleaning printers Brother MFC-J265

When checking pages appear blurry or streaks completely in the document you're trying to print, you should make a head cleaning.

To do this you need the printer on, with sufficiently ink on the cartridges and installed the drivers complete with a maintenance tool factory for Brother printers.
Now you have all these requirements, follow the steps below to clean the printhead and improve the quality of documents.

This occurs because the number of pages printed, the quality decreases to spend time by the head, congested and obstructs the passage of the ink properly, causing pages with lines all the way around or impressions completely opaque.

Steps to properly cleaning head

  • Step No. 1 — Press (Menu) in the main panel, where the buttons on the printer.
  • Step No. 2 — Press the up or down arrow until you reach the option (Ink Management) then press OK to select.
  • Step No. 3 — Press up or down again, until where it says cleaned and then press OK to select.
  • Step No. 4 — Press up or down again to select whether to clean colors magenta, cyan and yellow or black color only, press OK to select.
  • The team begins the cleaning process and print a check at the end, is where you need to check if another additional cleaning.
You should know that this fast consume ink cartridges, as the lot used to clean the heads, so it is recommended only when it is a necessity.


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