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How to remove P26 error printers Canon PIXMA MG3210

When Canon printers have errors "P" and then the sub-error or numerical code has errors solved by resetting using service tool compliant with the printer you have.
canon printer errored p26
canon printer errored p26
A possible solution for this error is turning off and on the printer, then disconnect the power cord and plug power before turning on the printer.
If the problem persists you should run the service tool compliant with this printer, in this case you must use the version V3400.

After downloading the program service tool, you must enter the mode of the printer, and the software do its reset function.

Procedure to enter service mode PIXMA MG3210

  • Turn off the printer (the power button)
  • Press and hold the button stop / reset. circle button with triangle inside...
  • Without releasing the button stop / reset, press the power button (ON OFF) the printer should put green buttons
  • Release the button to stop / reset and we pressed the ON button.
  • Without releasing the power button, we press the button 5 times stop / reset, each time we press orange must put the stop / reset.
  • When completed, the display of the printer any information should not appear, and release the button.
  • In case of not, turn off the printer and start the process again.
Now in the printer section, click and wait in EEPROM, the manufacturer recommends take the printer to a service but the price is very high, so the procedure described in this publication is recommended.

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