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How to remove when scanning errors 2.155.13 or 2.155.0 in Canon printers

It is possible that when trying to scan a document with Canon printers appear in the printer display errors 2.155.13 or 2.155.0.
For the errors we should not worry much because there are solutions, and then a list of how to fix them, first of all remember that if you have any questions or procedure does not work, write a comment.

Normally this can be a communication error between the printer and the computer, it is recommended to first review your computer's USB cable.

It may be necessary to replace it with a new or better check well the cable connector into the printer, be careful that this does not have damage because of humidity or age of printer.
printer USB cable
printer USB cable
Do not connect the printer to a multiple connection of USB cables, if they are so sure that this has an electrical connector to increase the density of connection between the printer and the device.

You should know that is not good printer connection ports that are not directly to the motherboard of the computer, so the recommendation to make the connection to the printer only in the back ports on the computer.

You can help solve this problem, uninstall and install the printer drivers again, it is possible that the problem is in the database of the computer, it can help this.

If the problem after doing all this procedure the error persists, you must contact the manufacturer's support, if the printer is no longer under warranty make use of professional technical services.


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