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How to reset the Artisan 800 printer error pads full

Reset printing the pads consisting in running a software and say that the number of pages printed so far is zero. You need to do a restore or reset pads when the printer arrives just ended warranty, the manufacturer recommends even throw away the printer, because the same support or repair can be more expensive to acquire a new one.
epson Artisan 800 printer
epson Artisan 800 printer
You can reset the printer by downloading software called adjustment program for Epson and running it by the procedure explained below.
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The first you should do is download the software to restore, with this software can continue printing after applying it correctly, just follow the link below to learn how to download it from the official website of the manufacturer.

Link to download the adjustment for Epson Artisan 800

Save this file on your desktop computer - just to make it easier to find - then must install it using the procedure explained below, is where more careful must be because to do different or a different process may damage the printer.

Tutorial how to install the printer reset Artisan 800

This is where you should be more careful, follow the steps as it is described in the publication, if you have any problems just type a comment, and will gladly be answered.


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