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How to reset ink on printers Canon PIXMA MG3110

Resetting the printer used to eliminate a lot of errors, including those related to the ink cartridges and frequent error that are empty when we ourselves been those who fill the cartridges or see that the machine has tanks completely filled ink.
canon printer pixma mg3110
canon printer pixma mg3110
Here is a procedure that will help with the press of a button, to solve at least 5 errors on this printer.
The stop / reset button located on the front of the printer, right in the main panel with triangle symbol inside circle, can fix errors related to paper jam, empty ink cartridges and other errors are often shown in this printer.

Just would suffice to let him down about 7 seconds, and the printer starts a process as it is about to begin printing errors that erase empty ink cartridge.

This of course, does not improve print quality, but if allowed to continue printing using refilled ink cartridges or even connected to a continuous ink system.

Even many people do not know how ink cartridges work, is simple... they have a number of pages to print when connected to the printer, it is recognized that are new and when they arrive at the number of pages available which is related to the amount of ink, are blocked — the error appeared that the ink cartridges are empty and need replacing — is when we let pressing down the stop / reset button.

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