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How to reset ink the pads full in Epson Artisan 710 All-in-One

Ink pads are filled when we printed considerable amount of pages, are so many that the manufacturer comes to consider voting or take the printer to change many of the parts may be more expensive than buying a new printer.
artisan 710 printer
artisan 710 printer
The absorber used below is provided by the manufacturer of printers, but why can not throw caution to the process, because if we do primarily restoring the pads not properly — say not run all steps as is the tutorial — may damage the printer without further repair.
To reset the pads printing need software called adjustment program Epson compatible with your printer, be very careful to select the corresponding, as it is of the most important factors also need to have an email working correctly and know the serial or number of your Epson printer — usually located at the rear of the printer — even it will get the correct information about the serial visit this post.

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Link to download Adjustment Program Epson Artisan 710

Downloading is very simple if you read correctly, you will receive an email with the download link and follow the steps below on how to run the adjustment program for Epson printing.

Link to tutorial on how to run the adjustment Epson Artisan 710

It is where we have said that should take more care of the entire process, be very careful with the selection of options and more in — maintenance — which is final and specified for the restoration of pads.

The restoration of the pads does not improve print quality but will you continue printing without problems, much less present the highest levels of ink, for it is recommended to replace the ink cartridge or reset levels in continuous ink system installed in the printer.

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