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How to reset or delete the mistake of "full pads" on Epson WorkForce 60

Reset pads printing equipment Epson WorkForce 60 is a process that consists of using a software to tell the printer that the number of page that caused the blocking are not real and you can continue printing obviating the possibility of spilling ink where the printer is located.
reset epson printer workforce 60
reset epson printer workforce 60
You will need to read the two links below, one that lets you download the software you will use to print pillows and another that indicate how it should be run this software.
If you need any other information you should just write a comment, gladly will be answered as quickly as possible.

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Link to download software that will establish Epson WorkForce 60

You must know that reset pads Epson printers do not improve print quality, much less will return to new levels of ink, is why it is recommended first of all if you do not know this process really say errors with the printer.

How execute software reset (very important)

This process is important because by not running the right way the printer will be damaged and even without possible solution.

You will need to know the serial printer, and have a valid email to request to send the download link.


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