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How to reset the pad printing Epson Stylus CX4400 / CX4450

Reset printing pads is obtained thanks to a program called adjustment program Epson can get by means other than the manufacturer, although they are not the most recommended as they may contain viruses and programs that can do damage to your computer.
devices CX4400 / CX4445
devices CX4400 / CX4445
This reset works for two different printers Epson Stylus CX4400 / CX4445, is a reset that will download from the manufacturer's website and need to know what the serial printer we use among other things.
One important thing is to clarify the importance of following the steps exactly respect of the implementation the adjustment, because if this is done in the proper way can not harm your computer and unable to repair it in the future.

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Link to download the program reset Stylus CX4400 / CX4550

You also need to have an email working properly, where we will receive the download link and a password to run the software smoothly.

You must download the software reset in one easy to find when you need it, which is not run before reading the procedure described below because it may damage the printer does not come with the installation and restoration of printer correctly.

Tutorial to run and reset the printing pads Stylus CX4400 / CX4550

Follow each step as it is described in the above link, caring especially the part where you select the option — maintenance — waste ink pad counter is very delicate and must not select another option.

Resetting the pads for these printers does not improve print quality, much less ink levels will return to their initial state as if we bought new ink cartridges, this procedure may only print and go back to the mistake of the pads full.

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