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How to reset the pad printing Epson Stylus NX400 All-in-one

The restoration of pillows on Epson Stylus NX400 is required when the device has printer a number of pages to approximately fifteen thousand (15,000).
epson Stylus NX400 restoration
epson Stylus NX400 restoration
The pads physically are sponges located on the right side of the printer, as time passed and many pages have printed, the printer come to have a considerable amount of ink can spill where the printer is located.The manufacturer seeks no ink spills where the printer is located, why has this error when the printer has reached its limits pages.

The manufacturer recommends changing the printer, or bring technical support to unlock, remove this error and replace the pads by an authorized technician, but behind it there is a small secrecy is good that everyone knows.

Printing pads really do not fill to spill ink, we will need at least some 50,000 printed pages so that the waste ink out under the printer.

The restoration is then that the manufacturer supplies its support center in all countries, meaning that to download the software and installing and running it will be following the most professional steps.

It is therefore necessary to know what the serial number on the printer, this is located at the back of the printer, equal for all and are about 10 digits made up of numbers and letters that we enter the page we go for a link enabling the download of a software reset.

It is also important to have a valid email address where you receive the link contains the adjustment to restore program, then the page where you get the necessary information to receive a link and verification code.

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Following the procedure for execution after downloading the software that allow us to eliminate the error "ink absolvedores full, please contact customer service Epson", follow the steps below as they say, to avoid all do something different as it can be catastrophic for the printer.

Everything must function properly, if you followed the steps as it is described, otherwise just simply a question, may even contribute something to the publication, it will be gladly received.


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